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Good Game
Christianity and the Culture of Sports

By Shirl James Hoffman

Good Game
Paperback, 356 pages $29.95
Published: 15th January 2010
ISBN: 9781932792102
Format: 9in x 6in

Subjects: All Cultural Studies, All Ethics , All Religious Studies, Religion & Popular Culture

In recent years the United States has seen an influx of Christian athletes and coaches into big-time sports, as well as a heightened importance placed on sports in church programs and at Christian schools and colleges. However, as Shirl Hoffman critiques, a Christian vision of sport remains merely superficial—replete with prayers before free throws and praises after touchdowns but offering little, if any, alternative vision from the secular sports culture.

Good Game retells numerous fascinating stories from the world of ancient and contemporary sports and draws on the history of the Christian tradition to answer “What would it really mean to think Christianly about sport?”

Chapter 1. Sports and the Early Church
Chapter 2. Controlling and Proscribing Sport
Chapter 3. Bowling, Bicycles, and Other Snares of the Devil
Chapter 4. The Church Heads for the Playground
Chapter 5. The Rise of Sports Evangelism
Chapter 6. Christians and the Killer Instinct
Chapter 7. Building and Sacking the Temple
Chapter 8. Sport and the Sub-Christian Values
Chapter 9. Touchdowns and Slam Dunks for Jesus
Chapter 10. Prayer Out of Bounds
Chapter 11. Notes Toward a Well-Played Game

"The breadth of [Hoffman's] knowledge of the history of sport, especially in its relationship to religion, and his keen insights into what it might mean to think Christianly about sports contribute to a readable and impassioned plea for more careful  and more spiritual reflection about what sports have come to mean for us and our world."

Journal for the Sociological Integration of Religion and Society (2010, 1:1)

"[Good Game] will open your eyes to ideas and knowledge that may have never crossed your mind."

—Hard Music Magazine (May-June, 2010)

"Remarkable in its scope, ranging from early Roman Imperial games to contemporary athletic contests of every kind, this volume provides a powerful examination of the relationship between sport and Christianity."

—Bryan Stone, E. Stanley Jones Professor of Evangelicalism, Boston University School of Theology

“Wonderful! This is an amazing achievement, blending sociological expertise, theological savvy, and profound spiritual sensitivities to focus on a subject that desperately needs the kind of insights he provides."

—Richard J. Mouw, President and Professor of Christian Philosophy, Fuller Theological Seminary

"This should be required reading for every thoughtful Christian."

—Robert K. Johnston, author of The Christian at Play

"Tom Krattenmaker’s recent Onward Christian Athletes (2009) explored the efforts of the Christian Right to join evangelical Christianity with professional sports. Here Hoffman takes a slightly different approach to what is essentially the same subject, tackling the relationship between faith and sports from a more ideological perspective. He suggests that while evangelical Christian groups are forging connections with sports (because sports is a high-profile platform), they really don’t understand the nature of sports. He explores the fundamental paradox of joining sports (which encourages and celebrates success) to religion (which “consistently stresses the importance of losing”). The essential problem, he says, is that, in harnessing itself to sports, the Christian community doesn’t really have a clear sense of its goal or a coherent plan to achieve it. As a result, sport is becoming, in many ways, a mockery of Christianity, a superficial set of rites and behaviors with no spiritual or philosophical foundation. Many readers may disagree with the author’s thesis, but even they will agree that he supports it abundantly and argues it well."

—Booklist Magazine (Jan 1, 2010)

Shirl James Hoffman is Professor Emeritus of Exercise and Sport Science at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. The Executive Director of the American Kinesiology Association, he is the author of Sport and Religion and the editor of Introduction to Kinesiology: Studying Physical Activity,now in its third edition.

Publication Details:

 Paperback , 356 pages
 9in x 6in

 Baylor University Press

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