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American Bypaths
Essays in Honor of E. Hudson Long

Edited by Robert G. Collmer and Jack W. Herring

American Bypaths
Hardback, 235 pages $39.95
Published: 1st April 1980
ISBN: 9780918954220

Subjects: All Literature


Hawthorne and Johnson at Uttoxeter, O. M. Brack Jr.

Texans in New Mexican Fiction, James M. Day

Adams, Dobie, and Webb on the use of Regional Material, Wilson M. Hudson

Jesse Stuart and the Other Writers, Frank H. Leavell

Saul Bellow: On Looking for a Way Through the Cracks, J. F. LeMaster

Love Is More Than the Evening Star: A Semantic Analysis of Elmer Gantry and The Man Who Knew Coolidge, Gary Howard mayer

Luster's Ordered Role in The Sound and the Fury, Andy J. Moore

The Innocents Abroad: A Roughhewn Monument, Robert Regan

Thornton Wilder: Neglected Novelist?, Craig Turner


Publication Details:

 Hardback , 235 pages

 Baylor University Press

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