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The History of Baylor Sports

By Alan J. Lefever Edited by Emily Brower Designed by Patrick Pollei

The History of Baylor Sports
Hardback, 350 pages $49.95
Published: 15th August 2013
ISBN: 9781602584006
Format: 10in x 11.5in

Subjects: All History, All Texas/Regional

The History of Baylor Sports connects the Baylor faithful to great student-athletes, coaches, and teams of the past century. By unearthing little-known stories and showcasing archival photographs, Alan J. Lefever chronicles the definitive history of varsity intercollegiate athletics at Baylor University. This is a must-have collectible for Baylor fans around the globe. Relive the world of national championships, All-American athletes, and unforgettable victories with The History of Baylor Sports.


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The History of Baylor Sports

Introduction to Men’s Athletics


Men’s Basketball


Men’s Track and Field – Cross Country

Men’s Tennis

Men’s Golf

Introduction to Women’s Athletics

Women’s Basketball


Women’s Tennis

Women’s Track and Field – Cross Country


Women’s Golf



Acrobatics and Tumbling

Future of Baylor Athletics

2012-2013 Year in Baylor Athletics



The History of Baylor Sports demonstrates that academic and athletic excellence go hand in hand at Baylor. It’s great to be a Baylor Bear.”

—Ian McCaw, Athletic Director, Baylor University

“Relive every shot, every goal, every serve, every touchdown, every home run, but especially every slam dunk.”

—Kim Mulkey, Women’s Basketball Coach, Baylor University

“If you love Baylor, you’re going to love this book.”

—Ken Starr, President, Baylor University

“Victories, statistics, championships. But the real story of this book is character—the character of Baylor’s athletes, coaches, and a great university.”

—Grant Teaff, Former Head Football Coach, Baylor University

Alan J. Lefever is Director of the Texas Baptist Historical Collection and Adjunct Professor of Church History, Truett Seminary, Baylor University. He resides in Waco, Texas.

Publication Details:

 Hardback , 350 pages
 10in x 11.5in

  SPO000000, SPO019000
 Big Bear Books

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