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Sacks, Jonathan

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks is an international religious leader, philosopher, and award-winning author.


Schmalzbauer, John

John Schmalzbauer teaches in the Department of Religious Studies at Missouri State University where he holds the Blanche Gorman Strong Chair in Protestant Studies.


Schmeltekopf, Donald D.

Donald D. Schmeltekopf is Provost Emeritus and Hazel and Harry Chavanne Professor of Christian Ethics in Business at Baylor University.

Schröter, Jens

Jens Schröter is Professor for Exegesis and Theology of the New Testament and New Testament Apocrypha at the Faculty of Theology at the Humboldt-University in Berlin.


Schumm, Darla Y.

Darla Y. Schumm is Professor of Religious Studies at Hollins University in Virginia.

Darla Y. Schumm is Professor of Religious Studies at Hollins University in Virginia.

Screnock, John

John Screnock is the Kennicott Fellow in Hebrew at the University of Oxford.

Segal, Alan F.

Alan F. Segal (1945–2011) was Professor of Religion and Ingeborg Rennert Professor of Jewish Studies, Barnard College

Alan F. Segal (1945–2011) was Professor of Religion and Ingeborg Rennert Professor of Jewish Studies, Barnard College

Seiple, Chris

Chris Seiple is President of the Institute for Global Engagement and the founder of the Council on Faith & International Affairs.

Seitz, Christopher R.

Christopher R. Seitz (Ph.D. Yale) is Senior Research Professor of Biblical Interpretation at Wycliffe College at the University of Toronto.


Selby, Gary S.

Gary S. Selby is the Blanche E. Seaver Professor of Communication at Seaver College, Pepperdine University.

Senior, John E.

John E. Senior isAssistant Teaching Professor of Ethics and Society and Director of the Art of Ministry Program at Wake Forest University School of Divinity.


Shagan, Ethan H.

Ethan H. Shagan is Professor of History at the University of California, Berkeley.

Shires, Preston

Preston Shires (Ph D University of Nebraska) is Instructor in History, SE Community College in Lincoln, NE

Shuck, Glenn W.

Glenn W. Shuck is Assistant Professor of Religion at Williams College.

Shuger, Debora

Debora Shuger is Distinguished Professor of English at the University of California, Los Angeles.


Shurley, Anna Katherine

Anna Katherine Shurley is a Baptist minister who has served as a chaplain with children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


Siegler, Elijah

Elijah Siegler is Associate Professor and Chair in the Department of Religious Studies at the College of Charleston.


Skinner, Matthew L.

Matthew L. Skinner is Professor of New Testament at Luther Seminary in Saint Paul, Minnesota, where he has taught courses in interpreting the New Testament for over fifteen years.


Smith, James K. A.

James K. A. Smith (Ph.D. Villlanova University) is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Calvin College. The author and editor of more than five books, including, most recently, Who's Afraid of Postmodernism?: Taking Derrida, Lyotard, and Foucault to Church (2006), and Jacques Derrida: Live Theory (2005).

Smith, R. Drew

R. Drew Smith is Scholar-in-Residence and Project Director of “Public Influences of African-American Churches Project” and of the “Faith Communities and Urban Families Project” at Morehouse College in Atlanta.

Smith, Allen

Allen Smith is Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Department of Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Glasgow and author of From Pulpit to Fiction: Sermonic Texts and Fictive Transformations.


Smith, Katherine E.

Katherine E. Smith is a Lecturer in Religion at Baylor University.

Smith, R. Alden

R. Alden Smith is Professor of Classics and Associate Dean of the Honors College at Baylor University.


Smith, Shively T. J.

Shively T. J. Smith is Assistant Professor of New Testament at Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, D.


Smith Jr., Robert London

Robert London Smith Jr. is an Honorary Researcher in Practical Theology, King’s College at University of Aberdeen, U.


Sohn, Michael

Michael Sohn is Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy and Comparative Religion at Cleveland State University.


Sommerville, C. John

C. John Sommerville (Ph.D. University of Iowa) is Emeritus Professor of History, University of Florida. He is the author of nine books, including most recently, The Decline of the Secular University (2006), How the News Makes Us Dumb: The Death of Wisdom in an Information Society (1999), and The News Revolution in England: Cultural Dynamic of Daily Information (1996).

Songulashvili, Malkhaz

Malkhaz Songulashvili is Associate Professor of Comparative Theology at Ilia State University and Metropolitan Bishop of Tbilisi for the Evangelical Baptist Church of Georgia.


Sotirin, Patricia J.

Patricia J. Sotirin is Professor of Communication at Michigan Technological University. She lives in the Houghton, Michigan area.


Staley, Gregory A.

Gregory A. Staley (Ph.D. Princeton University) is Associate Professor of Classics, University of Maryland, College Park and a Rome Prize Fellow of the American Academy in Rome.

Stark, Rodney

Rodney Stark (Ph.D. University of California, Berkley) is Distinguished Professor of the Social Sciences at Baylor University.


Stigall, Joshua J.

Joshua J. Stigall is Director of Continuing and Distance Education and Assistant Professor of New Testament, Briercrest College and Seminary.


Still, Todd D.

Todd Still is Charles J. and Eleanor McLerran DeLancey Dean and William M. Hinson Professor of Christian Scriptures in the George W.


Stiver, Dan R.

Dan R. Stiver (Ph.D. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) is the Cook-Derrick Professor of Theology at Logsdon School of Theology, Hardin-Simmons University. .....

Stoltzfus, Michael

Michael Stoltzfus is Professor of Religious Studies at Georgia Gwinnett College.

Stray, Christopher

Christopher Stray (Ph.D. University of Wales) is Honorary Research Fellow, Department of Classics, Ancient History, and Egyptology, Swansea University. .....

Strickland, Lloyd

Lloyd Strickland is Reader in Philosophy in the Department of History, Politics, and Philosophy at Manchester Metropolitan University.


Stroup, John M.

John M. Stroup is Harry and Hazel Chavanne Professor of Religious Studies at Rice University.

Stuckenbruck, Loren T.

Loren T. Stuckenbruck (Ph.D., Princeton Theological Seminary) is Professor of New Testament Studies in the Faculty of Protestant Theology at the University of München.


Swenson, Kristin M.

Kristin M. Swenson (Ph.D. Boston University) is Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at the School of World Studies, Virginia Commonwealth University.

Swinton, John

John Swinton is Professor in Practical Theology and Pastoral Care at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland.



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